About Signoria Firenze®

Founded in the 1930’s, as a business specialized in producing hand-crafted embroidery following the original Florentine tradition. Strong growth throughout the years thanks to a business model based on “Made in Italy” : attention to details and sensitivity to the main fashion trends.

In the 1980’s the Signoria Firenze® brand evolved into an international enterprise firmly rooted in its artisan origins. By the 1990’s the creative drive and solid quality of Signoria Firenze® allowed the company to expand its borders to encompass all major world markets.

In the late 1990’s Signoria founded its own distribution in the USA “Signoria LLC”. With a showroom and its flagship shop in New York City, Customer Service in Miami and a stocking warehouse in Greensboro, NC, ensures quick deliveries and a high level of attention to the customers. Still today there is no finished Signoria collection which is not designed, cut, sewn and packaged in our premises in Tuscany under the strict control of our production team.

Signoria Firenze

The Product

Raw materials of the highest quality (100% Egyptian Combed Cotton), coupled with finishing and dyeing processes performed in Italy that grant an unrivalled longevity to the product. Signoria uses a wide range of fabrics: the shiny and soft Cotton Sateen the fresh and breathable Cotton Percale, the luxurious Jacquard and many others.

Each product is hand made by workers extremely passionate and involved in their role. At the same time Signoria uses sophisticated technology in production, allowing flexibility throughout each of the delicate steps necessary to produce creations.

Each season the team studies, selects and compares many fabrics, few of which will become Signoria products. Each year Signoria launches an autumn/winter collection and a spring/summer collection. The richness of its creations stems from its dedication to aesthetics and fashion trends which govern the choice of fabric, colour combinations and the extraordinary design.

Thanks to the hand made production process, Signoria is able to offer “bespoke” products, providing an high level service to final clients.



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