Fiber for the perfect towel

When shopping for the perfect plush towel, you might want to heed your mother’s advice and “keep your hands to yourself!” Why, you ask? Because, believe it or not, “touch” is NOT the ideal way to distinguish the good from the garish when choosing the right towel! Similar to denim, there are towels that fall apart after the first few washes and others that get better with age. So, don’t let that first “fuzzy feeling” blur your senses.

100% Cotton
Cotton is the primary fiber used in bath towels. The quality of standard cotton is determined by a number of factors with the length of the fiber being a key factor in choosing the right cotton to create sturdy,  moisture seeking, 100% cotton towels. The majority of the world’s cotton.

Environmental and luxurious? If you want both of these qualities in your towels, here is some good news - it is possible to stay stylish and get your “green” on with nature’s abundantly growing, eco-friendly bamboo. This majestic plant thrives naturally without chemical fertilizers and it’s fibers are naturally anti-microbial.

Egyptian Cotton
The “Queen” of cottons, you can’t find a higher quality towel than those made of 100% Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian cotton is revered for being extremely breathable and durable. It’s extra-long silky fibers will (unlike most Hollywood marriages!) withstand the test of time. Quality Egyptian Cotton towels are a significant investment.

Micro Cotton
The astonishing absorbency and light feel of MicroCotton towels make us covet these every time we need to dry off. We celebrate the fact that these towels won’t strain your back when you lift them, but don’t let their lightness fool you! MicroCotton towels definately raise the bar for what.

Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment, grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. All cotton sold as organic in the United States must meet strict federal regulations covering how the cotton is grown.

Supima Cotton
If you are looking for enduring softness from a “name-brand” you can’t go wrong selecting "Supima®" . “Supima” signifies products made purely from 100% American Pima cotton – a US hybrid of Egyptian cotton made from extra-long cotton fibers.