All about your pillow

Sleeping Positions

As a rule if you sleep on your stomach, a soft density or low profile pillow will be the most suitable. A Medium density and profile pillow will suit most back sleepers and a firm and high pillow gives complete support for those that sleep on their side. A contoured pillow will be ideal for those who require more neck support as it moulds into the contour of your neck.

Pillow Fillings

It is important to first understand the fibres used in the various products when buying a pillow. There are basically four categories of fill used in pillows.


Made from the sap of the rubber tree, latex pillows are 100% natural and retain their shape for the life of the pillow. The natural properties of Latex make it anti-microbial, low allergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria.

Synthetic - can be either:

Polyester Fill

Microfibre Fill
Microfibre Fill is a lightweight fill of a fine denier fibre which is blown into the casing. This makes it loft well and is designed to feel just like "down" - it also regains its shape readily

Memory Foam
Memory Foam is a pressure relieving material that moulds to the natural contours and curves of your body, relieving pressure points and most importantly, maintaining correct spinal alignment. With the correct memory foam pillow, neck muscles will remain relaxed, helping to prevent tension and headaches.

Specialised Shapes and Sizes
The special size or model with therapeutic function as a solution for common problems that trouble people such as, snoring, back pain and stiff neck.

Feather & Down

This type of pillow is well known for the ability to relieve neck and shoulder stress and strain. Down comes from ducks and geese and is extremely light with superior loft.

Care of your Pillows

All pillows should be aired frequently to remove body moisture that will have been absorbed during sleep. This refreshes the pillow and "lofts" the filling. Check the care label on the pillow for cleaning instructions - some are dry clean only. Some pillows e.g. Latex have removable washable zippered covers for ease of cleaning. In periods of high humidity or with people who perspire a lot, feather pillows may develop an odour. The solution is to air well and spray gently with a linen spray. The use of a pillow protector will make pillows last longer and keep them looking like new.