Michael Aram Collections

New collections:

The Rainforest Collection
Inspired by the fragility of the world’s natural resources and the mysterious beauty of the flora and fauna found in tropical jungles. “While on a recent trip to Brazil, I was struck by the beauty of the Amazon rainforest. During my trip, I discovered the work of landscape architect and Brazilian modernist Roberto Burle Marx. His striking work sensitively integrated modern forms and structures with the natural beauty of the country’s rain forests. I was very moved by the happy co-existence between the lushness of the forest and the striking modernity of Burle Marx’s architectural designs. There is a wonderful contrast between the clean, geometric shapes of the buildings and hardscaping as juxtaposed by the savage, untouched beauty of the rainforest.”

Ripple Effect Collection
Inspired by the cause and effect of the natural world, the Ripple Effect Collection celebrates the rhythm of nature. Handmade and modern in design, the pieces are perfect for everyday and bring a sense of calm and luxury into the home. “I sculpted a piece years ago which had a concentric rippled surface. The piece haunted me with its simplicity and sense of connectedness to the natural world. I think events of nature such as raindrops falling on water, wind sweeping across sand, and ocean currents slowly smoothing a pebble mark our passage through time and make impressions, however fleeting, which gently leave a trace on the world.” says Aram.

New catalogues:

Fall 2017 (PDF) Spring 2017 (PDF)

Designs available in Philippines:

New designs
Noah’s Ark
Wisdom Tree
Collection of After the Storm

Agave Long Fruit Platter Gold 175658
Banana Large Platter Gold 175655
Bumblebee Catch All 175620
Bumblebee Mini Frame 175622
Bumblebee Mini Jewelry Box 175621
Butterfly Gingko Bowl 175756
Butterfly Gingko Candle Snuffer 175757
Butterfly Gingko Centerpiece 175750
Butterfly Gingko Chsbrd wKnife 175761
Butterfly Gingko Easel Frame 175758
Butterfly Gingko Frame 5x7 175759
Butterfly Gingko Low Cdlhr S2 175753
Butterfly Gingko Nut Dish 175751
Butterfly Gingko Oval Tray 175762
Butterfly Gingko Pitcher 175755
Butterfly Gingko Vase M 175752
Cocoon Pendant Lamp L 110110
Cocoon Pendant Lamp M 110111
Cocoon Pendant Lamp S 110112
Elephant Ear Lrg Srvg Bwl Gold 175650
Ench Forest Candle Pair Cop 112662
Gingko DBL Cmptmnt Dish Gold 175661
Golden Orchid Easel Frame 111967
Golden Orchid Frame 4x7 111968
Golden Orchid Frame 5x7 111969
Golden Orchid Mini Steel Tray 111966
Golden Orchid Nut Bowl 111957
Golden Orchid Ring Catch 111965
Golden Orchid Taper S2 111959
Joshua Tree Box 175737
Joshua Tree Box Large 175738
Joshua Tree Service Tray 175739
Magnolia Platter Gold M 175657
Palm Candle Holders Mixed Pair 174911
Palm Centerpiece Platter 174916
Palm Frame 4x6 174903
Palm Frame 5x7 174904
Palm Frame 8x10 174905
Rock Bon Bon Dish 175954
Rock Bookends S2 175959
Rock Box 175953
Rock Candle Holders S2 175962
Rock Champagne Flute 336105
Rock Coaster 175975
Rock Frame 175960 4x6
Rock Frame 175961 5x7
Rock Frame Gold 175987 8x10
Rock Mirror 411650
Rock Vanity Mirror 175950
Rock Water Glass 336101
Rock Wine Glass 336103
Sago Palm Bread Plate Gold 175656
Tree of Life Fireplace Scrn GP 411604
Water Hyacinth Candle Hldr S2 130032
White Orchid Candy Dish 111810
White Orchid Champagne Bucket 111836
White Orchid Cheese Board 111801
White Orchid Cheese Knife S2 111812
White Orchid Drink Coaster S6 111826
White Orchid Easel Frame 111814
White Orchid Napkin Ring S4 111829
White Orchid Salt & Pepper 111809
White Orchid Tappers S2 111807
White Orchid Vanity Mirror 111849
White Orchid Vertical NPK HLDR 111813



Unit 465-466,
Level 4, Main Wing,
Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City,
Metro Manila, 1550, Philippines