About Dr Vranjes

Relaxing like tender lavender, energizing like a Sicilian lemon, spiced like pungent cinnamon: whatever its properties are the essence is the soul of each of Dr.Vranjes’s creations. Every Dr.Vranjes Firenze SCENTED DECOR is a unique creation containing wisely dosed natural essences concentrated at 10%. e natural essence, in contrast to synthetic elements, is the living element which makes each of Dr.Vranjes’ perfume unique, provides its active properties and associates them to the practice of aromatherapy and aromacology.

But it takes millions of owers to produce a few grams of essential oil. Flowers that are picked one by one early in the morning. This multitude of souls are brought together to give life to an essence that is never identical to the crop of the previous year: the final fragrance has a slightly di erent color every time.

This variable depends on the wonderful, irreplaceable work of Mother Nature, and makes Dr.Vranjes’ home fragrances even more unique and precious. Each of our ambient scents has, in fact, the ability to enrich your home with a pure and unique mixture of perfumes.

Minimum concentration of perfume: 10%



Robinsons (The Gardens)
Lot G-211,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.