About DPM

Since the creation of the first spring mattress about 130 years ago, we have no choice but to tolerate the limitation of the traditional mattress. Which only provides a single firmness, resulting in excessive pressure on the hips but insufficient support for the lower back. Therefore, it is your body’s natural reaction to tossing and turning while you sleep in order to relieve this type of overloading.

DPM Sleep Solution is a group of professions in who wanted to make a change. Dr. David C.W. Hui (The DPM Founder) has partnered up with osteopathy, chiropractic and physical therapy and many more to create a human-centred design with equal emphasis on comfort and health. Today, we redefine the concept of “healthy sleep” with our commitment to your 100% custom-fitted comfort.


Design for Each Partner
When a couple is looking for a quality mattress, who makes the final decision? Our double DPM™ Point-to-Point® Mattress solves the problem. The two halves of the mattress can be configured separately, creating a personalised comfort zone for each partner. This can also minimise the disturbance to you even when your partner shifts position on the other half of the mattress.

Good for Growing Children
A good mattress has to be soft enough for children to be comfortable, yet firm enough to prevent them from completely sinking into it, and perfectly adjusted to match changes in size over time. There is no question that sleeping on a “custom-fitted” Point-to-Point® Mattress, allows children and teenagers for better and more natural development of a growing spine and reduce the risk of spinal problems.



Ultimate support for your head, neck and shoulders. Contoured for a more relaxing healthy and restful sleep. Variable height technology – choose the height to fit your shoulder width. Pro Pillow comes in 2 firmness, 6 basic sizes, with combination of adjuster and occipital pad, 96 different configurations can be achieved to satisfy individual’ unique neck curvatures.



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