About Calvin Klien Home

“I want men and women who wear, and understand my clothes, to be able to enjoy this aesthetic in their personal, intimate space – the home.”

- Calvin Klein.

Modern. Romantic. Luxurious. Elegant. Sensuous. The collection reflects Calvin Klein’s design aesthetic and his point-of-view toward the home in general. The color palette, the fabrications and the product range all typify an approach and a sensibility to design. Similar to Calvin Klein’s apparel collections, the lines are clean and pure, while patterns are about proportion and balance. Inspired by his favorite fabrics, textures and colors, the Home Collection utilizes the same unique design principles as Calvin Klein’s fashion collections.

Calvin Klein home

The Calvin Klein Home Collection presents a fresh, new look and feel in home furnishings. It is rich in quality, design and scope. All products are soft to the touch and feel luxurious. The versatile bed and bath collections are executed in superb fabrics and simple designs. There are two types of sheeting (cotton percale and cotton sateen), many styles of blackest and coverlets, and several towel styles (including basic terry solids, jacquards, and linen/cotton). In addition, there are numerous decorative pillows and throws. It’s the hand of the product that has priority. Every towel, sheet and blanket feels luxurious and has texture and is generously sized, all indicative of the quality that invariably signals “Calvin Klein”.

Innovation is a key part of the Calvin Klein Home design process. Calvin Klein creates exclusive product to give the collection its own singular point of view. Sourcing unique materials was a worldwide effort, taking us literally around the world.

Even the packaging embodies a different approach. The Calvin Klein bed linens are packaged in a thick nylon polyethylene pouch, heat-sealed all around with a zip lock opening-a result that is modern.

The Calvin Klein Home will continue to add patterns, colors and materials to the existing collections each season. The assortment is so extensive and diverse in its product offerings for bed, bath and table that consumers can now achieve a “Calvin Klein look” in their homes as they have done in their wardrobes.

An Elegant Bedroom

The Calvin Klein bedding collection can be pure and minimal in its decoration, like the combination of sateen sheets with a cotton blanket, or it can be elaborately layered. The palette is varied, with a touch of gleam in colors like steel, rosewood, burnish, and citronelle. Calvin klein’s sophisticated bedding collection creates a bed that’s clean and modern, yet luxurious and romantic. And the deft, distinctive touch with texture and color, the touch that has made his fashion great, is truly flawless in the bedroom.

Calvin Klein Home cotton sheets are chemical free, and feel like your favorite, softest linens – silky, luxurious to the touch. In fashion, that’s a quality known as “hand”, and it is a priority to Calvin Klein Home. The cotton sateen bedding comes in damasks and solids with a pearl-edged hem treatment. Layer a blanket in cotton, and add a throw in wool or cotton. Subtle colorings blend easily – creamy parchment or clean white. Finish it off with a stunning gossamer “bed sheer” – tossed lightly over the whole confection.

Calvin Klein home


Accessories are important elements in home decorating, and just as in apparel they can help make the difference between the ordinary and the special. The Calvin Klein Home Collection offers a wide selection of throws and decorative pillows in special fabrics and fabrications.

Throws add luxurious warmth, color and texture. Colored in subtle ones and woven from cotton, lamb’s wool, alpaca, mohair or knitted like sweaters from pima cotton, these pieces are elegant in their simplicity. An especially exquisite component in this collection are the bed sheers. These beautiful pieces are like a scarf for the bed-delicately draping over your bed, designed to be sheer so the color and print of the fabric beneath shows through. Calvin Klein Home Collection includes imply tailored bed skirts to complete your bed.

Decorative pillows in a variety of luxurious fabrics provide the perfect accent for a bed, or anywhere in the home. Oven confections are made from unique natural and new high tech fabrics.



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